Line Heaters

Portable or permanent line heaters can be made to your specification.  Send us your specifications for a quote.

Vertical Sand Separators

We design and manufacture A.S.M.E. Code Vessels.  Skidded or trailer mounted, we can find the design that works for you.  We have both Cyclonic and Impingement models and have standard packages available in 3K, 5K, and 10K PSI.

Spherical Sand Separators

Our hottest new sand separators are rolling out of the shop.  More volume with less footprint.  Call today to get a quote.

Gas Production Units (GPU's)

Synergy can design and manufacture your GPU's.  We have varying designs for multiple regions and are happy to modify drawings to meet your specifications.  

Flow-back Trailers

Synergy is a premier Flow-back solution.  From line heaters to flares, we can get you what you need for flow-back.


Synergy's engineers can design a custom package, or we can build to your design and specification.

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